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jGun Single Speed

Pneumatic Torque Tool, Air Torque Wrenches

The jGun Single Speed is the simple choice for air-powered industrial bolting. With industry-leading power-to-weight and a breakout force that overcomes corroded and damaged nuts, this tool takes over where impact guns and breaker bars don’t cut it.
Powerful Breakout
The jGun provides continuous power with no kickback to break out the nuts that other systems can’t tackle. Impact guns have tremendous vibration and noise and have been banned on many job sites. The jGun uses precision gearing and a simple reaction fixture to give you maximum power without the noise and vibration.
Repeatable Torque
For maximum joint integrity, all of the bolts on a connection need to have an even and accurate load. The jGun system provides adjustable and repeatable torque to ensure that the bolted joint is assembled right the first time and keeps the torque over time.
Ergonomic Design
The jGun series is built using aerospace materials for lightweight design with maximum durability. The comfort grip and available silencer ensure that the tool operator is comfortable, even on all day jobs.

Backup Wrenches

Interchangeable spanners from 1-7/16″ to 3 1/8″.

Reaction Fixtures
Standard & customized solutions for every type of application.
High strength and impact resistant hex and Allen sockets.
Offset Link
Offset links For limited clearance. Perfect for plate heat exchangers.
HYTORC Fasteners
The HYTORC Washer and HYTORC Nut, uncompromised bolting efficiency.
Weather Cover

The Weather Cover for the jGun DIGITAL Single Speed protects the display during heavy use in the field, no matter the conditions.

Power Bank

The Power Bank for the jGun DIGITAL Single Speed Tool packs 4000 mAH of reserve power into a soft-touch case that fits in the palm of your hand.

Whip hose + Air Regulator
The flexible whip-hose for the jGun DIGITAL Single Speed provides an in-line air regulator in the middle of a hose extension to increase the flex tool without FRL.