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Torque Tool Training

HYTORC delivers industry leading Tool Training in the following formats:

1. Out-of-Box Training – Training on HYTORC Tools is included at no charge with the purchase of new equipment when delivered by the HYTORC Area Representative within 90 days of purchase. Out-of-box tool training are non-certificate classes limited to products purchased intended to help the operators safely start using the tools upon delivery.

2. Certificate Tool Training Class – Alternatively HYTORC tool training may be scheduled with a HBI Instructor as a fee-based class where each participant is provided with a certificate. Certificate tool training classes may be arranged to cover any tool or combination of tools and may be customized or combined with the HYTORC Technical Certificate training courses described below.

HYTORC Certificate Training
The HYTORC Bolting Institute (HBI) has the goal to educate all those engaged in industrial bolting to significantly improve the safety, quality, and efficiency of bolting operations. We regularly deliver technical certificate training classes for a variety of job functions ranging from operators and technicians to managers and engineers. Classes range from a few hours to a few days and may be taken in-person or online. HYTORC partners with ASME and OSHA to provide standardized technical training that maximizes the educational value for each participant.
ASME Certificate Courses
In cooperation with ASME, HBI authorized instructors deliver over 20 non-commercial ASME technical training courses at a variety levels from beginner to expert. Courses are designed for assemblers, technicians, trainers, supervisors, and engineers to educate all in bolted joint assembly according to ASME and other relevant standards. All ASME classes are arranged through HYTORC and participants receive an ASME certificate upon completion.
OSHA Certificate Course
HBI instructors also deliver the full range of technical curriculum courses under the HBI banner which allows them to customize any course to focus on any specific equipment or application. All HBI endorsed courses are arranged through HYTORC and participants receive an HBI certificate upon completion.
HY-TRAIN™ Solution
The HY-TRAIN solution is designed take the worry out workforce competency. Just select one of the HY-TRAIN options at the time of equipment purchase and let HYTORC do the rest. HY-TRAIN customers are assured their workforce gets the exact right level of training at the most affordable price.
Schedule a Certificate Training Course
Any of the certificate training courses can be arranged online or in-person at your location to meet the scheduling needs of your organization. Just complete the More Information form and HYTORC will contact you to schedule the exact training you need.

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