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The HYTORC Standard
Through superior Quality, Technology and Support, HYTORC will deliver you drastic safety, quality and job schedule enhancements!

From individual tools to customized bolting systems, HYTORC has the largest stock of rental equipment in the industry, available worldwide.

HYTORC can meet all your bolting rental needs anywhere in the world.

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HYTORC Tool Rental
Strategically located at service centers around the globe, our experienced representatives will work with you to determine the most cost-effective solution for your job. Your HYTORC rental also entitles you to a free safety and operational training to ensure that your crew gets the most out of each rental. With 50 years of experience in this industry, you can rest assured that we have a solution for your bolting challenge!
Rental Credits
How Are Rental Credits Earned? Rental Credits are generated off the value of the HYTORC Tool(s) and Equipment that are rented. Taxes, Freight charges, Accessories, Tensioners, and Sales Rep. charges do not earn credit dollars.
Tool Trade In
For a limited time, HYTORC is offering up to 30% off your purchase with a qualifying trade-in.
Total Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% rental credit* towards purchase
Rent only the equipment you need on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
Complimentary safety and operational training with all rentals
Worldwide availability of all bolting systems
Improve safety, speed, and accuracy with custom tool kit rentals
Tool containers for large jobs are available for monthly rentals
All rental equipment is inspected and re-certified before its next rental

Tool Kits


The award-winning MXT+ Hydraulic Torque Wrench combines the best of HYTORCs original MXT Wrench with the latest advanced technology including coaxial reaction drive, auto-release feature and a new cycle counter. The MXT+ Wrench is constructed from higher strength materials for rugged industrial use and highly repeatable performance.



The STEALTH Hydraulic Torque Wrench is the industry’s most advanced limited clearance hydraulic bolting system. The slim design fits where other tools will not and the dual piston power head provides unparalleled speed and power. Also compatible with the HYTORC Washer and HYTORC Nut, the STEALTH Tool can conquer bolting applications from general maintenance to critical pathways.


jGun DIGITAL Single Speed

The new jGun DIGITAL Single Speed series from HYTORC is the world’s first torque-adjustable pneumatic multiplier with a digital readout and FRL-free operation. Unlike other systems that require a separate filter, regulator and lubrication system between the air line and the tool, the patented design of the jGun DIGITAL Single Speed eliminates the need for this add-on for the highest level of portability and convenience.



For fast run down and powerful torque capability, the jGun DUAL SPEED Pneumatic Torque Tool is the industry’s most reliable choice.



The LITHIUM SERIES II Electric Torque Tool is the next revolution in bolting technology redesigned from the ground up with expanded functionality, greater durability, and intuitive usability. This lightweight 36 Volt battery powered tool, with capacity up to 5000 ft-lbs, is the ultimate solution for strength and portability in industrial bolting jobs worldwide.



The LION GUN is the world’s first affordable precision bolting system with built-in data recording. Set your desired torque output on the LION GUN display and pull the trigger to get precise, repeatable torque without excessive noise or vibration.

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