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The new HYTORC J-Washer takes the HYTORC Reaction Washer to an entirely new level by adding a locking feature that minimizes loosening to keep bolts tight under dynamic loads. With the strategic placement of a ridge band on the surface, the new reaction washer prevents loosening of pre-loaded fasteners while providing all the benefits of the traditional HYTORC Reaction Washer including safety, speed and tool longevity.
Standard pre-loaded fasteners can loosen as a result of relative motion between surfaces due to vibration. The J-Washer’s knurled surface locks the nut when torque is applied so that no loosening occurs. The locking design has been verified by the industry standard Junker test, which simulates the transverse forces that loosen the assembly.
The J-Washer provides outer reaction lobes that safely engage with a socket driver or reaction plate to brace the reaction forces during torque operations. Consistent with the standard HYTORC Reaction Washer, the new J-Washer eliminates the need for a separate reaction arm, eliminating pinch points and significantly reducing the risk of hand injury.
The J-Washer’s unique design locks the fastener assembly during tightening. When used in combination with a HYTORC Torque Tool, the J-Washer provides unmatched efficiency in bolting operations and reduced job time.
Spotlight on Technology Award

2021 – HYTORC Recognized with Spotlight on New Technology Award

Each year Oil & Gas industry recognizes the world’s leading technology at the Offshore Technology Conference with its highest honor the Spotlight on New Technology Award.

HYTORC has been recognized as a 2021 winner of the Spotlight on New Technology award for the HYTORC J-Washer, an innovative lock washer used to maintain bolted joint integrity under dynamic conditions such as thermal cycling, rotating machinery, and transportation. The patented J-Washer provides all the safety, quality and speed benefits of the standard HYTORC Reaction Washer and now offers the ability to lock fasteners tight.

The Spotlight on New Technology award recognizes the highest level of innovation, original and groundbreaking technology and solutions that offer significant benefits beyond other technology.