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HYTORC Gall Free Nut

HYTORC Gall Free Nut is the new anti-galling technology in a standard hex nut. The HYTORC Gall Free nut in combination with the HYTORC Washer guarantees the elimination of galled or damaged threads during installation and removal.
Anti Galling Properties Safety
The new Gall Free Nut thread design eliminates metal transfer that may occur in fasteners without lubrication and increased friction over extended time periods. This technology counters the galling effect of plastic deformation and micro-scale material transfer at the thread surfaces that occur during assembly.
Materials and Design

The two-part design consists of interlocking inner and outer sleeves with tapered threads that integrate advanced anti-galling properties. Compatible with standard bolt threads, the HYTORC Gall-Free Nut can be finished in a variety of coatings and materials to suit your specific applications.

Loading Surface

The Gall Free Nut is designed with a pronounced feature on the “non” load bearing side to help guide the installer to ensure that the nut is installed properly. The nut is installed with the load bearing surface always oriented towards the flange of the application.