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Hydraulic Power Pack

The JETPRO 2-stage Hydraulic Power System is the most affordable lightweight pump on the market. The JETPRO’s compact design and one-gallon reservoir alleviates weight restrictions like no other hydraulic pump which offers the operator efficient mobility. Simple two-button controls ensure the operator’s ease of use while also speeding up the bolting process. The JETPRO operates at a very quiet ~80 dB.

Main Features
  • Deadman switch. Remote or Foot Pedal
  • Extended Remotes in sizes from 20’ to 100’
  • Fire Guard for Remotes
  • Quick Connect Fitting/Couplers
  • Hour Meter
  • Different Grade Hydraulic oil (low temp, high temp, biodegrable)


Anti-Wear Extended Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulic Hoses
Premium quality hose for hydraulic pumps
Dead Man Switch
Automatically stops pump operation if the switch is released.
Foot Safety Switch
Automatically stops pump operation if the foot switch is released.
Heavy Duty Remote
Used for extreme duty cycles and harsh environments.
Fire Guard Hose Cover
Hose protection for high height environments.