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Hydraulic Power Pack Air Operated Hydraulic Pump

Our HY-AIR is a 4-stage pump designed to reduce cycle time and improve productivity. A compact design with an optional one or two-gallon reservoir alleviates weight restrictions and offers the operator efficient mobility. Simple controls make for short set-up times and the semi-automatic feature allows the operator to experience faster and easier bolting.

Main Features
  • Deadman switch. Remote or Foot Pedal
  • Extended Remotes in sizes from 20’ to 100’
  • Fire Guard for Remotes
  • Quick Connect Fitting/Couplers
  • Hour Meter
  • Different Grade Hydraulic oil (low temp, high temp, biodegradable)

Anti-Wear Extended Hydraulic Oil
Hydraulic Hoses
Premium quality hose for hydraulic pumps
Fire Guard Hose Cover
Hose protection for high height environments.