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Frequently asked questions about HYTORC LITHIUM SERIES II Electric Torque Tool.
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What is TorcSense™ Technology?

HYTORC’s proprietary TorcSense™ Technology utilizes direct torque measurement sensors in a closed-loop control system to provide highly accurate and repeatable torque results.

What is the Snug feature?

Commonly used in the structural industry, the Tool’s Snug function is used to bring bolting surfaces into alignment prior to precision tightening, significantly reducing manual effort.

Is the gearbox stronger?

The LITHIUM SERIES II Tool uses thicker gears and more robust materials, making the gearbox 20% stronger than its predecessor. Some gears have a greater number of teeth, while the 3rd stage is now enclosed for added support.

What are the advantages of the new brushless motor?

The brushless motor in the LITHIUM SERIES II Tool has about 5 times greater life expectancy, extending the overall life of the tool and providing greater efficiency and durability.

Which models include a Side Handle?

The Side Handle comes standard with all models of the LITHIUM SERIES II Tool.

Will I need special software to communicate with the tool wirelessly?

Yes, HYTORC software is required to transfer data to the tool via Bluetooth® Wireless Technology.

Has the user interface changed?

The home screen and menu structure have been redesigned with all-new icons and a simple navigation layout, making the tool more intuitive and simpler to use.

Can the Tool withstand long-term heavy usage in tough industrial environments?

Yes. the LITHIUM SERIES II Tool incorporates several new features for increased lifespan and reduced maintenance.

The all-aluminum housing improves impact resistance and protects the tool’s vital components, while delivering reduced vibration to minimize user fatigue.

The nickel-plated exterior offers protection against harsh materials found in industrial environments.

The rear shock guard absorbs impact and protects the high-resolution user interface.

Non-contacting, wear-free Hall Sensors are highly reliable with a nearly infinite life.

What advanced bolting features does the tool have?

The LITHIUM SERIES II Tool offers 3 advanced bolting features:

Turn Angle allows the user to implement “Turn-of-Nut Method” which turns a nut to a specified angle.

Torque Check (available on LST-2000, LST-3000, and LST-5000 models) allows the user to determine whether a previously tightened nut still meets specification

Rotation allows the user to set and deliver a specific number of revolutions. This function mainly targets valve applications, which require a specific number of revolutions to properly open and close.

Does the tool have a work light?

Yes, the tool contains a Work Light which illuminates the working area improving visibility, safety, and productivity. The Work Light can be disabled from the tool’s Settings menu.

What does the directional switch do?

Conveniently located near the trigger, the sliding directional switch quickly changes the Tool from tighten to loosen with the push of a button.

How much torque does the Tool provide?

The LITHIUM SERIES II Tool’s expanded torque range is available up to 5,000 ft-lbs.

What drives are compatible with the Tool?

The LITHIUM SERIES II Tool is compatible with all standard sockets and drivers as well as the HYTORC Washer system and precision mechanical tensioning with the HYTORC Nut.

How many Job profiles can the user create?

The user can create up to 30 Job profiles.

How many Job ID’s can the user create?

The user can create up to 100 Job ID’s.

How many events can the tool remember?

Approximately 65,000 events can be stored in the tool’s memory.

What file type is tool data saved as?

Data acquired from the tool is saved in .csv format.

How many bolting operations can a fully charged battery perform?

The Tool can perform roughly 200 operations on a single charge, depending on factors such as the type of joint, humidity, temperature, type of reaction arm, amount of torque, etc.

How many different Access Levels are there?

The LITHIUM SERIES II Tool has 4 access levels providing various levels of administrative control over tool functions.

L4AdminFull Access + PW + Calibration
L3FullFull Access
L2FlexFull Access
L1JobsOnly Defined Jobs Access