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Hydraulic Torque Tool

For general maintenance that requires high torque values and repeatable results, the VERSA is a workhorse. The straightforward three-moving-part design was created by HYTORC over 30 years ago and has been consistently improved upon resulting in the most tried and tested line of hydraulic torque wrenches in the world.
Simple Operation
The three-moving part design of the VERSA series reduces the number of potential repairs and keeps operating costs to a minimum.
The single axis uniswivel rotates a full 360O. Allowing for the safe and easy positioning of hoses.
Slim Profile
The VERSA is the most economical solution with a continuous-profile design throughout the powerhead and hex link.

Reaction Pad
Reaction Pad for all sizes of low clearance tools
Alco Arm
Alco Reaction Arm for Low Clearance Hydraulic Tools
Backup Wrenches

Interchangeable spanners from 1-7/16″ to 3 1/8″.

Hex Reducers and Socket Adaptors

Square and hex adapters – ½” to 3½” standard and custom made.