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The HYTORC Washer is the simplest upgrade for instant improvements in safety, speed and accuracy. This unique, patented system eliminates the need for reaction arms and other custom fixtures required to hold the tool in place. Additionally, the precision machined surface reduces variation in bolt load across the flange for improved accuracy and loosening prevention.

The HYTORC Reaction Washers eliminates the need for reaction arms, which are the most common cause of injury on bolting jobs. The unique design of the washer allows the dual socket driver to react on the washer while turning the nut.

The HYTORC Backup Washer eliminates the need for backup wrenches improving the speed and efficiency of the overall bolting operation. The unique knurl design ensures the backup washer and backup nut will not rotate during tightening.
The HYTORC Washer System provides optimal axial tool alignment resulting in improved repeatability, reduced bolt load scatter and increased accuracy.
ASTM Organizational Member
AS an ASTM Organizational member, HYTORC is proud to have been an leading contributor to the new ASTM F3394/F3394 M Standard.
ASTM F3394/F3394M Standard Specification for Hardened Washers

The HYTORC Washer is manufactured in accordance with the requirements in the ASTM F3394/F3394M Standard Specification for Hardened Steel Backup and Reaction Washers. This standard covers general-purpose mechanical and structural use of washers with bolts, nuts, studs, Direct Tension Indicators and other threaded fasteners.